The secure mobile corporate access platform connecting institutional investors and corporate representatives around the globe

Through Investor2IR, you are now able to seamlessly look up publicly-listed companies worldwide and begin a direct chat with the management team.

Listed companies are now able to connect with their current investors as well as prospective shareholders.

The only mobile application for direct contact between institutional investors and investor relations teams

Investor relations teams can now market important corporate events, roadshows, and the latest developments to existing and prospective shareholders. Scheduling meetings and conference calls is made easy through the chat.

Easy to manage your high priority relationships

Most importantly, Investor2IR provides a simple solution for organizing and staying on top of your high priority relationships.

Secure and fully compliant platform

We have created Investor2IR as a unique and secure communication platform to allow you to engage directly with your investors and your investee companies, schedule calls and meetings, share presentations, annual reports, and other files, and to help you stay on top of your high priority relationships. Protection is built into the app to ensure your messages and documents are safe.

Detailed analytics regarding your investor/corporate interactions

On request, Investor2IR is able to provide you with personalized analytics regarding your investor/corporate interactions. Your quarterly or annual performance reviews are simplified by powerful analytics such as the number of conference calls and meetings, the number of messages exchanged on the app, and other time customized data. Just contact us at and we will provide your analytics report!

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